Handcrafted Art Deco Rollerball Pen

Image Description
Handcrafted Art Deco rollerball pen with components 22 kt gold plate and black titanium nitride plating. Rollerball utilizes a Schmidt stell cartridge refill with a ceramic point. The clip is accented with a starburst detail and golden Swarovski crystal. The body of the pen is mesquite wood finished with gloss lacquer and wax producing a long-lasting, high-quality finish. This is an elegant pen suitable for men or women.

When the pen begins to lose its shine, simply apply a coat of good quality furniture wax and buff with a soft clean cloth until the shine returns. Avoid waxes that contain silicone as an ingredient.

Avoid hot and cold temperature extremes to prevent splitting or cracking of the wood.

To replace the ink cartridge twist the gold tip off the pen, being careful not to lose the spring, remove the empty cartridge and insert refill. When replacing gold tip align threads and tighten.