Wooden bowl decorative mesquite wood natural edge handturned

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A lovely decorative bowl, handturned from mesquite wood with a natural edge. The bowl has a unique shape, a distinctive sap wood ring, rich warm coloring, and a surface that is so smooth that your hands cannot keep from touching it. Finished size, 7-3/4 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height.

This bowl was created with meticulous attention to detail. A suitable piece of mesquite wood was carefully selected to make this natural edge bowl. The wood was cut to the appropriate length and prepared to be placed on the lathe. The lathe was used to shape and size the bowl to just a little larger than the planned finished size.

Since the wood was "green" or full of sap, the bowl was taken off the lathe and put through several steps of drying the wood to speed the drying process. The bowl was weighed and the weight was recorded daily until the weight of the bowl remained stable for three days. When the wood is dry, it is returned to the lathe and the turning completed to its finished size.

At this point the bowl is ready for sanding. Beginning with 220-grit the bowl is sanded with four different sizes of grit ending with 600-grit producing a very smooth surface.

The first of many coats of oil finish is applied to the bowl, keeping the wood saturated for 15 to 20 minutes while rubbing the oil into the wood with 600-grit sand paper. The oil is wiped off the wood surface and allowed to dry overnight. A second coat of oil was applied in the same manner as above, again allowing it to dry overnight. A coat of oil was rubbed into the wood (without using sandpaper), allowed to soak in, excess oil wiped off, and allowed to dry completely. These steps are repeated five to six times allowing the wood to dry completely between each coat of oil. After completing this process, the bowl was placed to the buffing wheel and buffed to a low-gloss shine. The bowl was then waxed with bee's wax and oil to a high shine.

Through the years the finish will dull. Simply remove the wax, wipe the surface clean, and apply one or two coats of a good oil finish and allow it to dry completely. Apply a good wax and buff with a cloth to make it look brand new.

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