Ballpoint double twist pen mesquite wood handturned

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This double twist ballpoint pen is a fine writing instrument handcrafted from a mesquite wood accented with gold titanium and black titanium giving the accents a gunmetal appearance. The black titanium fittings are made from Titanium Nitride which is noted for its durability.

This pen is a nice size and weight for a fine writing instrument. High quality fittings are utilized to allow for daily casual use by men, women, and teens/young adults. Daily uses such as ladies carrying it in a purse, pocketbook or checkbook. Men can carry the pen in their shirt pocket or coat pocket, and it is a pen that easily goes to the office for men or women. This pen is perfect for high school and college students. This pen is a light to medium weight pen with an ergonomic finger rest which is perfect for note taking during a lecture, journaling, working or paying bills.

If the cost of this pen is a concern, consider this.
This pen is a fine writing instrument made with attention to shape, detail, and finish. The wood is carefully selected and pen blanks are cut from the wood to reveal the grain of the wood to its best advantage. The blanks are cut to the appropriate length, a hole is drilled through the center of the blank, and a brass pen tube is inserted and glued into place with epoxy glue. This is left to cure overnight. The pen blank is then mounted onto the lathe. The turning process begins and the wood is shaped. It is at this point the size of the pen is determined. After shaping the wood to satisfaction, the finishing process begins.

The pen is sanded beginning with 320-grit and is carried all the way through to 12,000 grit to create a very smooth surface on the pen. Three individual coats of gloss lacquer are applied allowing each coat to dry before adding the next coat. Depending upon the weather conditions (temperature and humidity) the pen will be set aside to dry for two to three hours. Following this drying period, this procedure is repeated to 6 coats of lacquer, and allowed it to dry again. This process is repeated until the pen has a total of 12 coats of lacquer applied. The pen is then set aside and allowed to cure for several days, again depending upon the weather conditions. After the pen is cured, the sanding process is repeated beginning with 600-grit and carried through 12,000 grit. The pen is then buffed with a polishing compound to a very smooth finish. The pen is then waxed with Renaissance Wax.

The high quality fittings are then assembled into the wood parts to complete the pen. The result is a high quality pen with beautiful, long-lasting high gloss finish that will last for a long time. I take great pride in my workmanship and I want my name associated with a high-quality end product; therefore, I use the highest quality pen kits for each style I make.

Care and maintenance of the pen is dependent upon frequency of use. Simply apply a coat of good quality wax (not containing silicone) and buff with a soft clean cloth.

Avoid hot and cold temperature extremes to prevent the wood from cracking or splitting. It is best to not leave in your car during the hot summer or during extreme cold weather.

We will ship to any location outside the continental United States. Please contact us via e-mail with the final destination so that an accurate shipping amount can be obtained.
Approximate Price/Value: $45