Microwave Heating Pad Long Neck Wrap 6 X 26 "Wildflowers

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Microwave Heating Pad Long Neck Wrap 6 X 26 "Wildflowers" Did you know... that doctors and chiropractors recommend Heat Therapy, for the relief of back pain caused by strain or over-exertion from hard work or exercise. Heat and Cold Therapy are often used in combination, to get the relief you need, as in a sports injury where you may have pulled muscles and they have become inflamed. In this situation applying cold therapy slows the blood flow to that area , which reduces inflammation and swelling. The muscles spasms, stiffness and soreness you feel a short time later... is replaced by the pain relief, which in most cases, is immediate...as you apply the soothing, deep penetrating heat our heating pads provide. Also, as you see in the pictures we have heating pads to provide relief from your tension headache, neck pain and tired, sore shoulders.