Green Lampwork Glass Bead Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings

Image Description
Beautiful swirls of grassy green brown tones are featured in my handmade lampwork glass bead earrings with swarovski crystal bicones and sterling silver findings. Great for casual or dress them up.

Overall length approximately 1-1/2"

My handmade lampwork glass beads are created one at a time in my studio. I use a variety of glass including Moretti, Effetre, Double Helix, CIM, R4, Vetrofond, Lausha and Reichenbach. I also like to use silver leaf, silver foil, gold leaf, palladium and fine silver in many of my designs. I melt this glass with my Carlisle Mini CC torch and form it into a beautiful bead. I kiln anneal my beads in my Glass Hive kiln overnight for added strength and durability and clean them with my diamond bit dremel.

ANNEALING is very important. All of my beads are digitally kiln annealed overnight. It helps to relieve stress in the bead and let the glass settle for added strength and durability. Then my beads are removed from the kiln and cleaned using a dremel to remove the bead release. Cleaning the bead hole makes for a prettier bead and means cleaner jewelry construction for you.

Personally created by Covergirlbeads glass artist and jewelry designer Charlotte Hayes.

Self Representing Artist SRA #H-98
Brazos River Glass Arts (BRGA)