Custom Order for Sonali Cute Hand Knit Blue Kangaroo Stuffed Animal

Image Description
This cute blue kangaroo was knit by hand and is a custom order for Sonali. I knit this cuddly stuffed animal's head, body, arms, legs, pouch, and tail with soft and wavy Montana Sky blue Homespun brand acrylic yarn. The belly was knit with light blue acrylic yarn. The toy is stuffed softly with polyester fiberfill and securely sewn together using matching yarn. I used plastic black safety animal eyes on a light blue felt background. The eyes were securely glued to the head for additional safety. The nose is dark brown felt and the mouth was embroidered with purple yarn. This kangaroo stands about 10 inches tall and measures about 6 inches across her hips. This is just the right size for a child to hold, carry, and cuddle. If you'd like to order something similar, please use the Contact Seller link located next to my avatar to place an order.