Custom Order Personalized Star Wars Storm Trooper and Fox Girl Plushie

Image Description
This is a custom order for Daniel. The plush Fox Girl and Star Wars Storm Trooper were made to represent the online avatars of friends who are getting married and these will be wedding gifts. The bride's avatar is a fox girl with bright pink and yellow tipped hair and the groom's avatar is a Storm Trooper from Star Wars. These are each one of a kind unique creations and I made my own original patterns for the Fox Girl, her wedding dress, and the Storm Trooper. The Fox Girl is made from brown plush fur fabric with a white fur chest and face. She stands about 13 inches tall and is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. I used a crystal glass bead to create her wedding ring and crystal glass beads form her sparkling necklace. Her blue eyes and black nose were sculpted by hand from polymer clay and have a high gloss glaze. Her hair was made from pink and yellow fur fabric to match the picture of her avatar. Her white wedding dress is my own original design and had beaded lace around the waist and trimming the puff sleeves. Her veil is made from lace and is attached with matching beaded lace trim. She's wearing satin slippers and is attached to a round wooded base with dowels that run through her legs. This allows her to stand and be displayed easily. The Star Wars Storm Trooper's body was sewn from black fabric using my own original pattern and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. He stands about 13 inches tall. His hands were sculpted from black polymer clay and he wears a polymer clay wedding ring. His white armor is a combination of fabric and polymer clay. Each piece was carefully cut and shaped and attached to the body. The helmet was sculpted from white polymer clay with a foil core to keep it from becoming too heavy. The Storm Troopers is also attached to a wooden base with dowels which run through his legs. Although this particular order was created specifically for Daniel I can also make plushies of your own avatar (or those of friends). The Fox Girl and Storm Trooper will be a delightfully unique and special wedding gift. Something like this would also make a wonderful birthday, Christmas, or Anniversary gift. To place an order for your own customized plush creation, or just ask questions, simply use the Contact Seller button under my avatar.