Owl on a Flowering Branch with Glow in the Dark Full Moon Wall Decor

Image Description
This unique wall hanging features an owl perched on a flowering branch in front of a full moon. I created this piece by covering a wooden coaster with dark blue sparkle polymer clay, with a large full moon made from glow in the dark polymer clay in the center. The owl was sculpted from Premo polymer clay and is incredibly detailed. Each feather on his body and wings is made from 3 different shades of brown clay and each was textured for a realistic look. The feathers on his chest and belly are made from white and brown clay and are also textured. His large yellow eyes are framed by short black feathers and longer white feathers. The branches were also sculpted from Premo polymer clay and have a bark-like texture. The tiny green leaves and white flowers were carefully sculpted from clay as well. The flowers have bright pink centers which were painted with acrylic paint. I sealed the moon and deep blue sky with high gloss varnish for a gorgeous shine. The owl, branches, and flowers were sealed with a matte varnish. A strong wire has been securely attached to the back of the piece with a combination of glue, liquid polymer clay, and Premo polymer clay. The piece measures 4 inches tall (to the top of the wire hanger) and 4 inches wide. The back of the wall hanging is covered with blue felt which I've signed and dated. This wonderful wall hanging would make a lovely accent to any home decor!