Handmade Knit Red Catnip Fish Cat Toy with Organic Catnip

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New lower price! Was $10.95- now only $8.95!
This fun cat toy was knit by hand holding light red and dark red acrylic yarn together, for a thick, durable toy. I used a tight garter stitch for the body and fins, and a stockinette stitch for the tail fin. I created the pattern myself. The fish measures 5 1/2" long. I used light purple yarn to embroider the eyes and smile on this funny fish. Cats will love thrashing on this enticing fish! I added a large handful of organic catnip to the body. I grow the catnip in my garden, using no chemicals or pesticides, then dry it myself. I use the flowers, as well as the leaves. The rest of the body is filled with scraps of fleece. These toys are fun and durable, and I've yet to find a cat that didn't love them, even years later. With these colorful Christmas colors, this would be a great gift for kitty this holiday season- she'll be sure to thank you!