Custom Made OOAK Unique World of Warcraft Pandaren Wedding Cake Topper

Image Description
This is a custom order for Melinda. If you'd like me to create a customized cake topper (for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) just send me an email at This personalized World of Warcraft Pandaren wedding cake topper represents the bride and groom's characters in the game and was sculpted by hand from polymer clay without the use of any molds. This is a one of a kind unique creation and a very special way to top off their wedding day. The Pandaren groom stands 6 inches tall and is wearing a black tuxedo over a white shirt with a black bow tie. The jacket has silver buttons and is finished off with a silver, blue, and green belt, all sculpted from polymer clay. The groom is also wearing black spats trimmed in gold which allow his white toes to peak out. His beard and hair have been textured, as well as his eyebrows. I made sure to add his little white tail at the back of his black pants, and even added dark grey trim to his collar. I added every possible detail I could based on the pictures that the bride sent me. The Pandaren bride measures 5 inches tall and is wearing a shimmering white wedding gown trimmed in grey. She has a shimmering purple sash around her waist and a purple bow in her hair. I made her hair using individual thin strands of clay and styled it into a bun encircled with a gold band and held with wooden hair sticks. She even has little gold hoops in her ears. She also has a little white tail at the back of her wedding gown. I sculpted the couple holding hands, which only seemed appropriate. The Pandaren bride and groom are securely attached to a 1/4 inch thick polymer clay base which has been sculpted to resemble a stone floor. The base measures 5 inches wide and 2 3/4 inches deep. Both bride and groom have a wire and foil armature with makes the sculpture lightweight yet very strong. I sealed the entire sculpture with matte glaze to protect the clay and make it easier to clean. This can be cleaned by gently hand washing with mild soap and water. To order your own custom made cake topper (I can re-create game characters, animals, just about anything you have a picture of) place your deposit here: This listing also gives you more information about what I'll need from you.