Dawno Original Garnets and Freshwater Cultured Pearls Necklace Lanyard

Image Description
Baroque freshwater pearls, multiple size round garnet beads including rough tumbled nuggets.

In order to get to the length I wanted for a necklace lanyard, I've added some other shapes and sizes of garnet stone beads and freshwater pearls to complete the 28.5" long design.

This necklace is uniquely fashioned to be worn as a necklace, a lanyard or eyeglass leash because it's finished with two clasps which can be hooked together or onto the various components provided for badges/IDs or eyeglasses. 29" long, so it easily works with proximity readers. A decorative extension ring provided on request for hooking to a clip on retractor for swipe badges.

Comes with eyeglass holders, badge holder, snap badge loop hooked to a large lobster claw clasp.

All necklace lanyard sales come with an "accessory kit" included in the price. The accessory kit includes: jewelry bag, anti-tarnish square, eyeglass holders (adjustable elastic or fixed elastic), a snap loop to go through a badge with an eyelet for the lanyard hook, and *new* - a see-through plastic ticket/id/hotel keycard pouch - great for travel and convention use, in one of three sizes (shown). Please note your preference when purchasing or the small horizontal one will be included by default.

Eyeglass lanyards - you can choose between elastic and metal eyeglass holders or adjustable translucent white rubber ones. Please indicate a preference or the elastic and metal ones will be sent.
Approximate Price/Value: $45