Spiral Cut Faceted Light Aqua Glass Necklace Lanyard

Image Description
Because I had just finished working on the Spring Sky and Pale Yellow necklace lanyard listed below and liked the combination, I wanted to make another necklace using similar colors. After a brief review of my beads, I decided to use some eye-catching spiral faceted, light aqua blue Czech glass beads and light topaz faceted bicones for the lanyard pictured here. The spiral cut facets produce a very attractive deep gleam in the bead.

This one is dressy-er than the previous listing, so I picture it with a dress or business suit. It's 29" long, so it's great for an eyeglass lanyard or display badge - like you'd wear at a business conference or convention. Then, after work you can take off the badge or ID and wear it as a necklace when you go out for dinner or drinks.

All necklace lanyard sales come with an "accessory kit" included in the price. The accessory kit includes: jewelry bag, anti-tarnish square, eyeglass holders (adjustable elastic or fixed elastic), a snap loop to go through a badge with an eyelet for the lanyard hook, and *new* - a see-through plastic ticket/id/hotel keycard pouch - great for travel and convention use, in one of three sizes (shown). Please note your preference when purchasing or the small horizontal one will be included by default.

Eyeglass lanyards - you can choose between elastic and metal eyeglass holders or adjustable translucent white rubber ones. Please indicate a preference or the elastic and metal ones will be sent.
Approximate Price/Value: $25