Elegant Black and White Hairpins - Tuxedo collection

Image Description
Elegant Black and White Hairpins
"Tuxedo collection"
Gorgeous, elegant and flirty hairpins strung with very white faux pearls interlaced with sheer black organza ribbon. This set of hairpins measures approximately 2" (a little over 5½ cm) long. Pearls are approximately 5/16" (about 9mm). Black hairpins.

Perfect when you just want a little something more for weddings, dances and other special occasions or pair with a nice ponytail, a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt (black jacket from the 80s optional!)

It is possible to make these with brown hairpins if necessary, and I may have a few more pearls with which to do a few more hair pins. Please message me AFTER you've committed to the sale but not paid yet so I can make the agreed upon adjustments to set and cost via artfire message.

This beautiful set of three (3) can be yours for $8
Approximate Price/Value: $8