Small Antique Brass Pocket Watch Pendant Necklace WP889

Image Description
Fancy antique brass watch pendant necklace with fun charms. Pendant is a working pocket watch with quartz movement and made of high quality brass that's lead and nickel free. This one has a filigree design on the face with a center opening that allows you to see the watch face. Pocket watch pendant necklaces are a popular item with teens and young adults as well as the older women. It is a wonderful choice for a birthday or any other special occasion. Adjustable time, pull up the knob and turn. Watch battery inside, very easy to change it. Measurements: Pocket Watch: 1 1/8" or 28mm Diameter. Necklace Chain: 32" or 812mm ( All Measurements are at the Longest / Widest Points.)
Approximate Price/Value: $23