Audrey Hepburn Style Black Hat

Image Description
This stunning hat is inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s style. Crafted and covered with black Satin and Lace Fabric, this hat feature a satin hatband wrapped around the crown of the hat, while a satin Shaped loops bow and bird feathers is adorned one side of the hat adding a luxury touch. This gorgeous ladies satin and lace fabric covered hat is excellent for the Kentucky Derby, horse racing, tea parties, weddings, other special occasions but also for everyday wear. • Style: Cloche-Dressy-Church • Material: Satin and Lace Overlay Fabric • Crown: 4-inches • Brim: 2.5-inches-Satin lined • Lined: With Satin Fabric • Size: 22-22.5-inches with Adjustable Sweatband Holly Golightly would be envious! Definitely Breakfast at Tiffany's style!