Mauve Rose Layer Bracelet Shabby Chic Bohemian Style

Image Description
This romantic, layered bracelet in mauve and purplish pinks is accented with a polymer clay rose and is full of shabby chic bohemian charm. In a somewhat Victorian style, the kind that brings to mind lace and parasols, this lovely and soft hued chunky bracelet adds the perfect touch of femininity to modern outfits. The rose accent and swirly colored beads were handmade by me with polymer clay. I matched those with glass and crystal beads in different shades of mauve, amethyst, rose, and orchid. Only one large faceted bead is acrylic-but the coloring was perfect and it begged to be included. I also used warm brown glass beads for a soft and subtle, earthy contrast. One strand of beaded nylon coated jewelry wire lays between two different re-purposed chains-one brass and one silver colored brass. All the posted beads alternate between the three lines, giving the bracelet cohesion and interest amongst the different shapes. This bracelet closes with a plated lobster claw clap and measures 7 inches at its shortest (at the rose). The brass extension chain lets it adjust up to 10 inches.