Big Metallic Round Pendant Bead Necklace Copper Bronze Brown

Image Description
This big round pendant necklace is made to look like antiqued copper or bronze. Gorgeous metallic hues of brown shimmer underneath a thick, magnifying layer of clear resin. Glass beads in complimenting shapes and copper-bronze tones tie the necklace into an amazing and mysterious accessory. The round pendant features gradient shades of gold and brown that are reflected by the "oil slick" and peacock colors of the glass beads. I stamped the polymer clay with a tube that came from the center of a roll of receipt tape. (I know it sounds weird, but this sort of thing actually occurs pretty often with artists.) I embellished my pendant with metallic powders before curing it in the oven-it's original color was grey. The 1.5 inch disc then got a nice thick application of clear resin, which cured in bright sunlight. The result is a gorgeous magnification of the pattern that resembles a layer of glass atop the clay. I strung my pendant up on a double shot of nylon coated jewelry wire. Glass beads alternate patterns on two strands of eye-catching copper, bronze, brown, gold, and peacock. My handmade necklace closes with a copper plated brass lobster claw clasp and measures as short as 16 inches. It adjusts up to 21 inches on a brass extension chain.