Orange And Blue Earrings Diamond Shape With Sterling Silver Hooks

Image Description
These brightly contrasting orange and blue earrings are practically on fire. The diamond shaped polymer clay dangles feature an abstract pattern of black, plant-like tendrils against panes of deep orange, bright turquoise, and pale peach. The sterling silver hooked shapes are imperfect and not identical. The pattern was achieved using a special polymer clay technique, and these cannot be reproduced. Handmade, one of a kind earrings make a very special gift. The 1-inch square diamond shaped dangles are adorned with round sky blue glass beads and juicy orange glass seed beads. The posts and jump rings are plated copper, but the ear-wires themselves are .925 sterling silver. In photo 7 I tried to get a close-up of the stamp, but it's blurry. I get my silver from a trustworthy and reputable source out of Oregon. These earrings measure three inches from the point where they exit the earlobe.