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An Insider's Guide to the Worldwide Arts Market You're a painter or photographer - or you knit, sew, sculpt, write - or you make jewelry, mixed media collages, pottery ... So just how long have you wanted to sell your wonderful work on the internet? And what is keeping you from trying? Maybe all the options are just too confusing. Or you think that you can't afford the expense of getting your own website, and you have no clue about what other kinds of sites are right for your art. Maybe you've even ventured into selling online, but you felt that it wasn't working out. Several years ago I was in your shoes. I reserved my Etsy store name but I couldn't get the courage up to put any of my artwork into it. I was selling my arts and crafts at some local galleries and art fairs. But then the main gallery shut down right before the holidays, and I was just fed up with the back-breaking effort involved in trucking my work to sell at art fairs. I made a deal with myself - for a year I'd put all of the time and effort I had been pouring into the galleries and fairs into trying to sell online. I've never regretted the switch. From the comfort of my studio and office, I now sell my work directly through my own website and on Etsy and ArtFire, and I get royalties on my images, designs, and books, through Zazzle, Smugmug, Lulu and Amazon. I market and publicize my art and books for free on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, the Patch, and more. You can do it too! There's nothing mysterious about it, it does takes time and work, but with the insider tips in this book that have taken me years to learn, you'll be able to hit the ground running, with a real advantage over other artists struggling to get through it all on their own. Imagine the thrill you'll feel when you get that notification from Artfire (or any of the other sites) telling you that you made a sale. After hundreds of sales and royalty payments, each one still feels wonderful to me. What makes my book different from other books on selling art? It's a comprehensive guide to all aspects of selling your artwork or crafts on the internet, with insider tips and advice. Here's what you get when you buy the book: * You'll learn the 5 critical skills you need to sell your work online, including tips on how to get help when you need it. * You'll find out which kinds of sites and venues are appropriate for your artwork and crafts. * I'll take you through the pros and cons to decide whether you should get your own website. * You'll get a thorough explanation of the many ways you can market and advertise your art online with plenty of advice about using social media. * I'll show you the free statistical tracking tools you'll need to measure what's working and what's not. * I'll help you figure out what's keeping you from moving forward, and give you tools to motivate yourself to get started and keep going. I charge $60 for a 3½ hour workshop covering just some of this material, and consult privately with people for $30 an hour. You can get the book for $7.99, and you'll have it to refer to as you go through the steps of selling and marketing your art online. You're also welcome to join the Facebook page I created for the book, where you can ask me questions, share your progress, and network with other artists who are also trying to sell their work online. As a special bonus, when you buy the book you can sign up to get all updates that I make to the book for the next two years, at no charge. With 28 photographs and screen shots, I show you what you can do on the websites and social media that you can use to list and publicize your work. Finally, to help me guide and inspire you, I've included profiles of six of my favorite artists who are at different points on the continuum of selling and marketing their work online. ************************************** The ebook is a PDF file that you can open and print with Adobe Reader. If you don't yet have it, you can download the Reader at no charge here: I will email you a download link to the email address given in your paypal account, or you can give me another email address. I fill orders made during the day, U.S. Pacific time, immediately or within 2 hours of getting notice of payment. I will send all overnight orders first thing the following morning. I will send the email from heidirand [!at] If you have a blocking mechanism on your email address, please include my email address as one that is allowed. About Heidi: I am a nature photographer using my original photos to create images and designs that I incorporate into my decorative and useful artwork and mixed media pieces, which I sell and exhibit in galleries and online. I also lead workshops and write books to teach other people how to make art from the magic in their own lives.
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