RESERVED for SYLVIA 3 Handmade Lampwork Puppy Dog European Charm Beads

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RESERVED for SYLVIA 3 Handmade Lampwork Puppy Dog European Charm Beads Universal charm or BHB (big hole beads) made to fit all European style chains: biagi, pandora, trollbeads, chamilia, etc. They are 8mm x 13mm, 8mm x 13mm, 8mm x 14mm, lined with sterling silver rivets and were wound on a 3/16" mandrel. ~ .o:*¨¨*:o. ~ .o:*¨¨*:o. ~ .o:*¨¨*:o. ~ .o:*¨¨*:o. ~ .o:*¨¨*:o. ~ .o:*¨¨*:o. Most of the lampwork (glass art) beads that I make are either focal beads or charm beads - BHB (big hole beads) that fit Pandora, Biagi & Trollbeads chains. I love to make whimsical animals & critters. My favorites are pigs, but Ive been known to make a puppy dog, kitty cat, penguin, lion, lamb, frog, fish, cow, spider, ladybug etc. Occasionally, Ill mix things up & make sets or pairs in modern, retro, organic or floral themes for jewelry designers to work their magic with. Im not sure I can say where my inspiration comes from other than from everywhere. Inspiration can strike at any time or place, from any & everything. All of my beads are handmade by me with love & care, one at a time in the open flame of my torch. They are fully annealed in my digitally controlled kiln to ensure strength & longevity, after which, each is cleaned and inspected. Although they are very durable, they are glass which means they can break if they are handled improperly. I use many types of glass, including Effetre/Moretti, Creation Is Messy, Double Helix, Vetrofond, & Reichenbach. Melting glass is my passion and I have loads of fun while working, which hopefully shows in my creations.
Approximate Price/Value: $90