Turquoise Ocean Handmade Soap Blue Sky Copper Molten Lava

Image Description
Turquoise Ocean Handmade Soap Blue Sky Copper Molten Lava is my take on the elements in nature. The turquoise represents the clear ocean and a sky on a clear day. The copper is volcanic, erupting molten lava. Fragrance has cool, crisp, refreshing lime and herbal notes to represent mother earth. Turquoise handcrafted soap has a delightful burst of Persian lime, notes of grapefruit, leafy greens and a hint of basil. Notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon add warmth and spirit. The bottom note is a long-lasting vanilla. My soaps are gentle and mild so they can be used by anyone. Buy one for your bath or shower, or get one for your guest room. All my soaps are made with the cold process method and not cooked or gelled. This helps to keep all the notes in the fragrance true. It is best to keep Turquoise handmade soap in a draining soap dish and let the soap dry between uses. This will make your soap last longer. Each bar is placed in an beautiful organza bag, ready for gift giving for any occasion. Buy this handmade soap for a birthday, anniversary, a unique gift for anyone that collects rocks, stones or crystals, or put one in someone's Christmas holiday stocking. Ingr: Olive, coconut, palm kernel, soybean, mango butter, castor, beeswax, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, mica.
Approximate Price/Value: $5.99