Aura Bliss Handmade Artisan Soap pink and purple swirl citrus florals

Image Description
Aura Bliss Handmade Artisan soap has an aroma of mystique with floral and citrus undertones combined to create the perfect relaxing fragrance! It has natural, pink and purple swirls. When you need to unwind at the end of the day, try my Aura Bliss soap. Take this bar in the bath or shower with you, empty your mind and take some deep breaths. Relax! Each soap bar weighs approximately 4 ozs. This soap batch was made by hand from scratch and each purple, cream and lavender swirl is unique. This soap was made via the cold process method of soapmaking. I use natural oils of olive, coconut, shea butter, castor oil and beeswax. Glycerin is naturally created when all the ingredients combine, unlike store bought commercial soaps, which take the glycerin out. Glycerin creates moisture, which make the Aura Bliss soap nice and mild. Buy this soap for a birthday, wedding or party favor, or Easter. Makes a wonderful fragranced gift for any occasion! Olive, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Shea Butter, Castor oil, Soybean, Beeswax, sodium lactate, Color, fragrance.
Approximate Price/Value: $5.99