Scarf in Blue Patchwork Print with Metallic Gold Embroidery

Image Description
This scarf is in a floral and abstract patchwork type print in shades of blue and grey-blue. The fabric is a polyester crinkled georgette which has been accented with gold glitter dots. I have further embellished the scarf with thick metallic gold embroidery thread. I have done a bold running stitch across both of the ends of the scarf, as well as several inches above that.

This a long rectangular scarf, measuring approximately 51 inches in length,and it is extra wide, at 24 inches, so it can be worn in a number of ways.

You might wear this scarf with your overcoat, or with a pale blue or grey sweater, or even with a navy blue sweater or suit. It will provide a nice melange of blue tones and prints to an otherwise mundane outfit.