Wyvrog the Wyvern-Frog Miniature Sculpture

Image Description
Wyvrog is a hybrid of a wyvern and a frog, and he's a very happy fellow! He loves a good lilypad and unlimited flies to munch on. He doesn't breath fire, but he does have a nasty waterspout power that he uses to target bugs that are not within tongue reach. He's a lovable little guy, and if you think you can give him a pleasant home, he'd be grateful to meet you!

Wyvrog is made of Sculpey clay that has been baked twice, once to harden the clay, and the second time to bake in the color and set the Liquid Sculpey after painting. He has been painted in acrylics, and Liquid Sculpey was used as a sealant, which also makes him slightly more durable. He is not meant to be used as a toy, however, but a display piece. His eyes are blown glass eyes.
Approximate Price/Value: $75