Custom Unisex Hand Crocheted In The USA Dark Brown Hemp Barefoot/Soleless Sandal/Foot Thong

Image Description
Our feet are often overlooked where jewelry is concerned. However, nothing is as comfortable as bare feet, so once you try a barefoot sandal, or toe thong, and complete your look you will never want to be without one! They make any outfit look finished. They also make your foot, ankle, and leg look longer and sexier.

These barefoot sandals are an exotic, hand crafted piece of jewelry for your feet. They give you the look of wearing sandals while you enjoy the comfort and freedom of being barefoot. These barefoot sandals wrap around your ankle, form an open loop design on the top of your foot, and then anchor themselves around your toe. They can be made in many colors and can be worn on land or in the water without the fear of loss or corrosion at the beach, pool, or lake, as well as on a cruise or boat, at a resort or patio party, or in yoga, Pilate's, or belly dance class. Wear them anywhere you go barefoot! Don't forget about those nights on the town when you want to look your best and catch attention! You can wear barefoot sandals with flip flops, strappy sandals, kitten heels, mules and even pumps. They are also great for barefoot weddings, wedding nights (with or without lingerie!), or as a unique and affordable gift, which will not be duplicated!
These thong style sandals are made from hemp and have a wood bead closure at the ankle. The toe loop at the end can be created to go around the big, second or middle toe. These sandals can be worn by men, women, and children.

Hemp's texture gets softer with time and wear without losing its strength...this is the same substance the US Navy uses for its ropes! I use imported cord as hemp is not grown in the USA.

The item is shown on the foot is in Dark Brown. The other colors I currently have are scarlet, petal pink, sunshine orange, golden yellow, dark green, royal blue, navy blue, denim blue, Bahama blue (turquoise), black, purple, natural and w-ine, but I CAN TRACK DOWN AND MAKE THESE IN ANY COLOR YOU WANT!!! This pattern can be done to fit any foot size. Please send me your ankle measurement, the length from your ankle to the toe you would like the toe loop to go around, and which toe you would like the loop to go around. THE PRICE IS PER PAIR!
Approximate Price/Value: $7.99