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50% OFF REGULAR PRICE BETWEEN 12AM 11/23/12 AND 12AM 11/28/12 EST! Wristers are fun, functional and practical. Wrist warmers are incredibly fashionable as well. These wristers provide many practical uses such as: Working in a cold office environment on a computer all day long. Wristers provide year round comfort while allowing you to do your daily computer tasks! It is virtually impossible to text with bulky mittens or gloves on. Texters will greatly appreciate the freedom these wristers provide! Arthritis sufferers will find these wristers extremely helpful with the pain in their hands that gets worse with the cold temperatures. Anyone in a marching band who plays an instrument, the flag handlers and the baton twirlers will find these wristers allow for ease in performance while keeping wrists and hands warm. Any type of drive up service brings with it the challenge of keeping your hands warm while being able to handle money and either a computer or a cash register. These are extremely helpful in keeping their hands warm while allowing them to have the mobility to use their fingers freely. You will no longer have to worry about losing your mittens or gloves while shopping because you can keep these wristers on. You will not need to stuff them in your pockets to pay for merchandise, and when you get back to your car you will be able to open the doors with the remote control without fumbling around while holding packages, and trying to get the keys out. They can be worn inside while sewing, crocheting or knitting. They can be worn outside while walking on a chilly day, watching sports games or driving. Wristers are useful where dexterity is required that gloves would restrict. The exposed fingers do not interfere with sensation or gripping. When you need to wash your hands or start cooking, just fold the hand part of the glove up around your wrist. This way they can stay put during your entire day. Now you can wear a shrug, vest or other short sleeved jacket with your wristers and stay warm during the incredible cold winter AND look dressed in your best! These delicate looking wristers are deceiving; They are beautiful, strong AND warm. In today's world where we are all doing our best to turn the thermostat down and wear more layers to stay warm, wristers are an indoor must! But comfort does not have to be given up for looks as you can see with this trendy piece. These gorgeous wristers are sheer heaven and make the perfect accessory! They look absolutely stunning with your skin showing through. They will keep your wrists warm, yet are so light, you hardly feel them on your hands! The top edge of the mitt is finished with a lovely scalloped edge. Great for work, a casual weekend or a night out...whether you dress them up or down, these beauties are sure to be a hit! Add a ribbon for a different look; You can get wickedly creative! Add a pair to your wardrobe to be on par with the newest trend! On extra cold days you can simply put on a pair of those thin, stretchy gloves that by themselves are not warm and together they are great for having the best of both wristers and gloves in one! (The stretchy gloves are not included.) Worn either way they have many functions for keeping your hands and wrists toasty warm while allowing you use of your fingers These are handmade and unique, meaning you will not find anything like them in a department store. People love them as a fashion accessory and are always happy to receive them as a gift - secret Santa, co-worker, secretary, teacher, crafter, or for someone who is always cold. These wristers measure 9 inches in length and will fit up to an 8.25 in. palm.
Approximate Price/Value: $6.25