Celtic Runes, Moons and Magic - Shrine in Cobalt with Purple Shadows

Image Description
This Celtic Knot Goddess shrine is hand sculptured earthenware clay and is 4 1/2 inches tall by approx. 5 1/2 inches wide. It has two small bowls which are separate detachable pieces, ready to hold your offerings. The small pedestal can also double as a place to burn cone incense. Muted purple tones blend into the blue glazes and shadows of dark oxides create an old temple look. Ornate details of flowers, moons and runes add richness to lacy background designs. A beautiful and unique altar piece, it could also sit as a feature in a niche, on a 4 inches deep windowsill or out in a favorite garden spot to create a miniature sacred scene.

Using ancient mysteries and wisdoms, these five little women who are gathered in sacred ceremony represent all of us. We are sisters and goddesses, endlessly connected throughout time. We care about each other and through our prayers and magical intentions, we invoke health, protection and peace for our tribes. We empower ourselves, our people and the surroundings we live in, making the Earth a better place for all beings. It's very good work that we wise women do.

Note: To help neutralize that shipping charge a bit (which includes del. conf. and insurance) I will be adding a little charm to enhance your order. Blessings!