Fantasy Wall Planter - Celtic Earth Magic - Brick clay Gold Buttons

Image Description
Medieval, old world, mysterious...all would describe this sensuous hand made earthenware clay planter. The Celtic Knot speaks of ancient pagan times and our connections to the Earth Mother and one another. Two hearts forming an endless knot make it an appropriate expression of faith and infinite love.

This graceful pocket planter is very sturdy, weighing 1 3/4 pounds with a hidden wire that's secured front and back with strong metal buttons. The back ones, that keep the wire from sliding around, are silver plate and the front ones are beautiful gold plated Italian shank type buttons. The top features the endless knot symbol, signifying unity and that we all create a living harmonic vibration together. The tribal designs include a pattern of sun wheels, also known as four direction medicine circles to many cultures on our planet.

Layers of oxides are scrubbed into the deep details before the piece goes into the kiln for it's second firing. The result is a rich, antique or rustic look that really compliments your favorite leafy trailing plant. The unusual corked hole at the bottom allows excess water to be drained at a sink at your convenience. The dimensions are 6 inches wide by 9 inches tall.