Ocean Dreams - Two Wall Pocket Planters - Shells, Starfish, Barnacles

Image Description
Memories of beaches and sea life make these ornate handmade planters a beautiful addition to your favorite sacred space. Enjoy a peaceful seaside mood and thoughts of ocean breezes! ****** One of a kind, my pocket planters are individually made from earthenware clay that I imprint with shells, old lace, handmade stamps and antique jewelry findings. This allows me to create an ornate wall hanging with a graceful shape that combines art with function for your succulents and other trailing plants. Wrapping the clay around a large sea shell, I first shape the front. This is attached to the back which has a lacy design and more imprinting seals the layers of clay. Then ocean critters are added, in this case I made reverse molds of barnacles and a tiny starfish. The row of octopus suckers symbolizes infinity, regeneration and prosperity of number eight. After the planter is oxidized and fired, it gets it's sturdy galvanized wire hanger, which is secured front and back with ornate silver buttons. At the top it also has a tiny shelf so you can display a favorite gem or keepsake to change the energy focus of the day. Props don't come with the planter of course, but I know you will have fun personalizing it with your own goodies and find the perfect plant for it. Layers of oxides are scrubbed into the deep details before the piece goes into the kiln for its second firing. The result is a rich, antique or rustic look that really compliments your favorite space. The unusual corked hole at the bottom allows excess water to be drained at a sink at your convenience. The larger planter is over 12 inches tall @ US $54.00 The smaller planter is 10 1/2 inches tall @ $45 Total for the pair is US $99.00...Thank you so much!
Approximate Price/Value: $99