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My tea light Goddess shrines are designed to echo the memories of ancient times and pay homage to those who came before us. As the Celts say, one of the the laws of magic is that a gift demands a gift. Small food offerings, flower petals or drops of water are appropriate. The spirit energies appreciate and respond to our respect and requests. In the ancient way, in a sacred grotto, wise women gather to honor the spirit world and work their magic. These women are us and all of our sisters throughout time, endlessly connected as we choose peace, love and healing for our people and homes. We care about each other and through our prayers and magical intentions, we invoke health, protection and peace for our tribes and clans. We empower ourselves and the surroundings we live in, making the Earth a better place for all beings. It's very good work that we wise women do. ***************** These Goddess shrines are hand sculptured from earthenware clay and each has separate offering bowls plus an area for a tea light candle. The miniature bowls are ready to hold your offerings to the spirit world. The area behind the low wall is also great place to display favorite crystals or arrange a flower offering for a water blessing. Muted glaze tones blend with shadows of dark oxides underneath to create an old temple look. Patterns of flowers, moons, stars and other symbols add rich detail to lacy background designs. Rows of octopus suckers are to symbolize the number 8, bringing in the energy of infinity, prosperity and regeneration to your surroundings. Adorn your favorite indoor work space, personal altar or since this piece is weatherproof, it could also be used in an outdoor ritual as well. Have fun making a meaningful new sacred space that you can carry from room to room! ****************** The endless knot or harmony symbol is found in ancient cultures everywhere on our planet. The Buddhists, Celts, Mideast peoples and others often express the idea that one endless line is a harmonic vibration which binds all life force together. The two hearts intertwined speak of unity, balance and infinite love and is one of my favorite endless knots.
Approximate Price/Value: $308