Custom Pet Memorial Order Reserved for KC

Image Description
*RESERVED for KC* Thank you Karen! It was my pleasure to make this order for you. Certain patterns or designs similar to the styles I've shown will work best. My work is personal and original, perhaps best described as opulent funky? I don't ever use any molds or commercial letter stamps and I'll send you pictures of the plaque in progress before it's fired. I can put more holes, no holes, side holes, as you are the designer of whether it's to be placed on the ground, hanging in a tree, or attached to a board. We'll be communicating via our own e-mails (not ArtFire) if you're not in the AF member system. You can message to me here through the AF contact....but I will have to reply back to your e-mail that they forward to me. This listing is priced for a bulk custom order. Each tile is approx. 4 1/2 inches wide or across with the pet's name incised. Clays shrink a bit differently during drying and firing so each will be unique. You'll also receive the flyer I wrote that's shown below. (Other styles will have their own listings with sample pictures and prices.) PLEASE NOTE! No need to purchase until you've seen the picture of your order. At that point I'll do any shipping adjustment and make a reserved listing for you to purchase via our PayPal accounts. And as you know, getting a kiln load together takes time so I'll give you an idea of when it would be fired. Contact me and we'll start planning. Thanks!