Frog Houses - Handmade Garden Art for Tiny Peepers ~ Three RESERVED for LORI

Image Description
Fun in the garden!
Well, it had to happen...the toads and frogs in the garden got a little jealous of all the cool fairy houses they've been seeing around town. So I began making these ceramic "Opulent Hidey-holes" with them in mind. It's garden art, but I try to keep the bling to a minimum since I'm not sure how they feel about marbles, crystals and such. According to them, so far so good. Ribbit!

Sturdy, heavy and ready to add to your garden or indoor tank, this ceramic frog house is weatherproof and approx. 2 inches high at the front by over 8 inches wide. I use no molds to create these one of a kind garden decorations and roll each piece of slab clay by hand, imprinting with old lace and other original stamps I've carved.

It has a mandala like design with a soft plum purple blending down into shiny cobalt blue. The rich glazes are enhanced by the dark oxide showing through transparent top layers. A pattern of tiny stars embellishes the outer edge. After two firings, the glass "rainbow oily iridescent" marble skylight is firmly glued in with silicone.

(The little toy frogs aren't included. Sorry!) This little abode might also be perfect for various vivarium type critters that need a rooftop to bask on. I can brainstorm glaze colors and special sizes with you if you're interested in a custom piece similar to the one shown in this listing. Contact me for details.

Have fun with this magical piece and enjoy your garden this summer!


Three frog houses! Thank you and have fun Lori!