Crescent Moon Woman Wall Hanging - Clay, Deep blue shadows her face

Image Description
I made this original handmade moon woman face, by first pressing earthenware clay into my home made plaster mold. Next she was gently removed from the mold, curved and further detailed, using small tools and my fingers. At this point I can slightly alter her expression so that each piece is unique. Layers of blue glazes were applied and scrubbed down to expose the dark oxide giving this mask a rich magical feel. There are hints of silvery sparkles that look like mercury in this one.

After two firings, a sturdy, hidden galvanized wire is secured by metal buttons, front and back. Yes, this mask is weatherproof and can also be used outdoors as a sacred feature in your patio or garden. She would love being surrounded by vines and flowers as the night bloomers scent the evening air.

Size: Approx. 7 1/2 inches diameter. The shipping price is for priority and includes insurance with del. confirmation. You'll receive a flyer I wrote about moon energy. Find your graceful rhythm as you ride the powerful cycles of the moon.

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