Purple Haze, Display for your altar - Handmade clay pedestal dish

Image Description
This hand made ceramic altar piece has a graceful flowery shape with muted tones of purple. A sweet additon to your ceremony, ritual or display when you are creating your sacred spaces. Sculptured from earthenware clay, a border of stars surrounds the delicate lace imprint and the top is shaped to hold enough water to keep a floating blossom fresh.

The pedestal details include stars, swirls and a row of octopus suckers which symbolizes the number eight, bringing prosperity and good luck your way.

Approx. 3 1/4 inches tall by 4 1/4 inches across, it's waterproof and washes in hot soapy water if you burn incense or candles on it. It could even be placed on a windowsill or be incorporated into a miniature garden scene. You can have fun displaying cool rocks, a tillandsia, favorite gems or anything magical.

Many blessings to you and enjoy your sacred moments