Forest Secrets - Ceremonial Candle Holder Smudge Tray - Celtic Knot, Sun Wheels, Regeneration - Shadowy Green

Image Description
Somewhere in the deep forest a solitary figure kneels to do a quiet prayer, perhaps for healing and to show gratitude. These are my thoughts when I design a ceremonial smudge tray and it helps me choose the glazes and symbols to convey a particular focus and mood. This altar piece is hand rolled earthenware slab and the flowing designs are all done using various tools, little wheels and stamps that I have made through the years. The patterns include the Celtic sun wheels, spirals and encircling octopus suckers which symbolize the number 8, representing infinity, prosperity and regeneration. The center features the Celtic Knot and is slightly raised to allow your smudge to burn better. The tray is approx. 7 inches wide by 9 1/4 inches and it holds an average candle. You can safely burn or smudge on the surface and it can be washed in hot soapy water. (The props displayed in the photo aren't included in the purchase of course, but a little flyer describing a smudge ceremony will be sent with the tray.) Check out the photos closely to see the depth of the amazing emerald green glaze. It formed bluish dark shadows over the oxide and looks completely different depending on whether the tray is seen under artificial lighting or in bright sunlight. The glaze also formed perfect crazing patterns. At some temperature point glaze chemicals settled and then reformed a smooth to the touch transparent layer over the crazing. It's an effect prized by potters in some cultures and I didn't plan it...I have no clue how to make it happen. The clay, the glaze and the kiln cooked up their own surprise and it's beautiful! *Thank you kiln goddesses* :)
Approximate Price/Value: $39