14kYellow Gold Natural Yellow Heliodor Gold Beryl Pendant Necklace

Image Description
You will fall in love with this Natural Yellow Gold Heliodor Beryl Pendant Necklace for its beauty, charm, elegance and appealing effect. Natural Gold Heliodor Beryl Gemstone 10x8mm oval brilliant cut gemstone; 1.85 carat mounted in 14K Yellow Gold six prong open back pendant casting. Includes a 14K Yellow Gold 18" Rope Pendant Link Style Chain with spring clasp. It is very transparent to translucent golden yellow color; with a undertone of brownish red that can be seen only with a Jeweler's Loupe and not by the human eye. Pendant has sparkle, shines, brilliant, and luster that will highlight your neckline. Very complimentary in color. Using a 30X Loupe this Beryl Heliodor Gemstone has a VVS1 Clarity and AAA quality. It can also be used as a November Birthstone.

Golden Beryl is a excellent choice for jewelry due to its hardness, toughness, and resistance to corrosive substances. Golden Beryl holds a fascination with its fine spectrum of yellow hues, from a weak lemon yellow to a warm golden color. Gemstone lovers are finally beginning to discover this fine gem, and as a result golden beryl is becoming an increasingly popular gemstone for jewelry.

Why not wear a elegant and unique piece of jewelry that is as unique as you! Will also help add beauty, tranquility and Love to your life!

Care and Maintenance: Ultrasonic Cleaners are not recommended for your gemstone jewelry. They also should be kept in a velvet box by them self to avoid scratches and cracks. Also, avoid long exposure to sun light. To clean your gemstone jewelry is too soak it in warm soapy water for about 20 minutes, rinse, wipe with a soft cloth; this is a way to keep your jewelry shiny!