Blue Ceylon Sri Lanka Sapphire Pendant Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold

Image Description
Ceylon Sri Lanka Sapphire Pendant Necklace brilliant blue Ceylon sapphire gemstone jewelry necklace glistens Sri Lanka blue sapphire gem gold pendant necklace radiates blue sapphire gemstone's transparency in sparkling 14k yellow gold. September sapphire birthstone jewelry necklace. Natural Sri Lanka Ceylon sapphire brilliant 6x4mm oval cut sapphire rich blue gem displays beautiful blue violet undertone in a natural Ceylon sapphire pendant necklace; .60ct weight approx. Sapphire intricately mounted in 4 prong secured 14K yellow gold pendant setting. Includes fine cut 14K yellow gold 18" long pendant chain with spring ring fastener. Blue sapphire pendant has earned its place adorning your decoupage. Sapphire a September birthstone still holds a spell over the minds who are gifted with a touch of imagination and romance. Sapphire jewelry makes a exquisite gift for your 5 year wedding anniversary and also is the gemstone for your 45th anniversary. Natural Sri Lanka sapphire GIA Type II gem, clarity/color VVS faces up clean with faint natural inclusions visible only under very close magnification. Using a 30X triplet loupe, Ceylon sapphire showed no nicks, cracks, scratches, blemishes or visible inclusions; eye clean high quality Sri Lanka sapphire gemstone. Sri Lanka sapphire gemstone is well cut with good brilliance and well faceted from a natural sapphire crystal mined in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Many consider Sri Lankan sapphire to be among the best in the world. Thank you for browsing MaggieMays!