Blue Mystic Topaz Princess Cut Diamond Earrings, Neptune Garden Topaz

Image Description
Blue Mystic Topaz Diamond Earrings magical Neptune Garden blue mystic topaz princess cut gemstone diamond jewelry white gold earrings vibrant prismatic blue topaz jewelry often valued for their mystic blue color with aurora borealis hues. Blue mystic topaz mimics blue sapphire and finest aquamarine gems. White Gold mystic topaz dangle earrings brilliant, lustrous, clarity, shine and transparent color's bring a splash to any ensemble. Neptune Garden Mystic Topaz 1.40ct checkerboard custom faceted 4.5mm princess cut gemstone's mounted in 1.5 grams 10K white gold semi mount securely 4 prong set. Six round 0.05ct twinkling diamonds, 3 on each earring set above mystic topaz gemstone shimmering with elegance. Earrings measures 9/16" in drop and 5/16" in width; has tension post backings for extra security; 1.8 total grams. Topaz the November birthstone and Blue Topaz for your 4 year Wedding Anniversary. Neptune Garden Blue Mystic Topaz Diamond Earrings serene as the ocean waves flashes blue, teal, purple, gold, green, and indigo being one of the more rare hard to get colors is found in Neptune Garden Blue Mystic Topaz. Mystic topaz is a treated gemstone by chemical vapor deposition and depending on the thickness it produces varying optical colors. Coated topaz offers a unique range of colors that aren't available in other gems. Mystic topaz, for example, exhibits an otherworldly combination of purple, red and green hues, with different shades showing themselves from different angles. Care: Although topaz is a fairly hard gem, coated topaz should be cared for thoughtfully and gently. If coated topaz is scratched, the beautifully colored coating may be compromised. Remove coated topaz jewelry when performing manual labor, handling household chemicals or participating in sports. Never clean coated topaz jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaner or any products containing chemicals. Warm soapy water and a soft brush are recommended for cleaning coated topaz. You will be amazed with the brilliant blue shimmering sparkle that Neptune Garden Mystic Topaz produces. Thank you for browsing MaggieMays!