Madagascar Aquamarine Pear Shape Necklace, Stud Earring Gemstone Set

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Madagascar Aquamarine Pear Shape Jewelry Necklace, Stud Earring Set blue aquamarine gemstone jewelry set simply is OOAK Dainty Aquamarine necklace stud earring pear shape jewelry sets magical blue Madagascar aquamarine gemstone color has become almost non-existent. Aquamarine .30cttw pear shape gemstone's measure 6x4mm each in diameter, hand mounted to perfection in a securely prong setting. Aquamarine pear shape necklace gemstone mounted in .925 shiny sterling silver pendant with closed back. Earrings are stud style with butterfly closure. Includes a 18"L Italian box chain with spring ring clasp which feels like liquid gold. Aquamarine is the traditional March birthstone.

Madagascar Aquamarine rich blue gemstone color is becoming rare to find and very expensive. High quality aquamarine is cut to maximize correct color, not for its size. It is a very wearable gemstone, clear, brilliant and lots of sparkles. Using a 20X triplet loupe, their were no scratches, nicks or visible blemishes seen within the gemstone. A very eye clean and high quality gemstone set.

Aquamarine set is very dainty; imagine your daughter or granddaughter wearing this rare gemstone full of magical blue shimmering sparkles flowing among her. Aquamarine makes beautiful bridal jewelry, bridesmaid gift, prom and with its dainty design; would be wonderful for a child, teenager, high school or just for you!

Ultrasonic cleaner is not recommended for cleaning gemstone jewelry. Clean by soaking in warm soapy water for about 10-20 minutes,(depends on dirty), rinse thoroughly, and wipe with a soft cloth. A very soft toothbrush may be used if necessary, carefulness needs to be used not to scratch your gemstone and precious metal.

As with all sterling silver, it should be kept in a tight closed container with a piece of anti-tarnish paper or you could even use a small piece of white chalk. This is a way to keep your sterling silver shiny!

Descriptions may be long but I try and be as descriptive as possible to let you know that your purchasing high quality gemstone jewelry.

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