Peridot Citrine Garnet Multi Stone Jewelry Drop Earrings, Leverback

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Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Blue Topaz, Peridot multi stone drop dangle earrings leverback fashioned with round, oval, pear gem stones in a pair of 5.65 carat multi gemstone jewelry dangle earrings. Multi stone drop earrings display the true brilliance of African amethyst, Manchurian peridot, Vermelho garnet, Sky Blue Topaz and Brazil Citrine. Gemstone's range from a transparent to translucent of ovals, rounds and pear shape cut semiprecious stone's. Multi colored gemstone drop leverback earrings make a elegant gift for birthdays, birthstone, wedding anniversary, bridal jewelry and all holiday occasions as these are designed to meet your personal style and needs. Multi Stone Jewelry Drop Dangle Jewelry Earrings colored gemstone's of eight 1.10ct oval and round Swiss blue topaz, four 1.20ct African amethyst in a pear cut, six .50ct Vermelho garnet displayed in a round cut, eight 1.05ct Manchurian peridot in lovely round and pear shape and six 1.80ct Brazilian citrine round and oval cut gemstone's. A display of 5.65 carat's multi stone's gives a beautiful intense scintillation and brilliance of delightful transparent blues similar to the color of aquamarine, translucent dark purples with violet undertone, translucent cherry red with a cinnamon undertone, translucent bright greens with a yellow lime undertone and transparent yellow colored gemstone's. Multi stone's are nicely mounted in a 18K yellow gold over .925 sterling silver semi mount pair of dangle earrings with leverback wire closure. Masterful arrangements of facets with crown and pavilion details can be seen in these open back colorful gemstone earrings that have a 1 1/2" drop without wires and total 2 1/16"L x 1/2"W; widest point being located at the bottom of these multi gemstone earrings. Total of 5.65 carat's and 6.6 grams. Multi gemstone jewelry drop dangle earrings display color's of a bright red 3mm round Vermelho garnet as top stone, second stone down is a 2mm round Manchurian green peridot as gemstone's start to crisscrosses to a 2mm round Sky blue topaz, 4x3 oval golden yellow Brazilian Citrine, 5x4 pear dark purple African Amethyst, 3mm round Garnet, 2mm round blue topaz, 3mm round peridot, 7x5 oval citrine, 5x4 blue topaz, 3mm round citrine, 4mm round blue topaz, 5x4 pear shape amethyst, 3mm round peridot, 3mm round garnet and finishes with a 5x4mm pear cut Manchurian peridot gemstone as the finishing touch. Using a 30X triplet loupe, gemstone's showed no blemishes, inclusions, scratches or nicks; high quality jewelry drop earrings designed with birthstone gemstones for January, February, August, November and December birthday's are all included in one pair of multi gemstone dangle earrings. Amethyst: Colored by an interaction of iron and aluminum, amethyst is a variety of macro-crystalline quartz that occurs in transparent pastel roses to deep purples and violets. Like many other gemstone's, the quality of amethyst varies according to its source. African Amethyst (typically mined in Madagascar and Zambia), which is sometimes small but carries a higher saturation in color. Amethyst, February birthstone major sources come from Australia, Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and Zambia. It is a fairly hard stone showing a 7 on Moh's Scale, has a refractive index of 1.54-1.55 and belongs to the family of quartz gemstone's. Citrine occurs naturally in proximity to amethyst and is a related quartz mineral. Its color is due to small amounts (approx. 40 parts per million) of iron in the crystal structure of quartz. Citrine color ranges from pastel lemon yellow to golden yellow to mandarin orange and madeira red (after the color of the wine). Traditionally, the madeira shades were more coveted, but these days, many people prefer citrine's brighter lemon tones. Most of the citrine mined today comes from Uruguay, Brazil and many African nations, including Madagascar. It can be easily confused with topaz and has even been called topaz quartz. It has a hardness of 7 according to Moh's Scale with a refractive index of 1.54-1.55; it is part of the quartz family. Citrine, a alternative to Topaz for your November birthstone and is also the anniversary stone for your 13 year wedding anniversary. Sky Blue Topaz, a December birthstone is mined from both host rock and alluvial deposits, its unique crystal structure makes topaz a hard and dense gemstone; a hardness of 8 on Moh's Scale with a refractive index of 1.60-1.64. Blue topaz exists in a wide range of shades. The lightest color is known as sky blue and is often described as subtle, soft, or pastel in appearance, it is similar to the color of aquamarine (a precious variety of beryl), and for that reason, it is often used as an affordable alternative to the latter. Sky Blue Topaz has a treatment time of one week which than goes thru a cool down time until safely to be on the market; it has a release time of 0 months. As color intensifies, another designation comes into play "Swiss Blue. It is a deeper, richer shade that offers another alternative for gem lovers. Some of the finest Swiss blue is often described as neon or electric and is given the special name super blue to describe its exceptional color. The final designation, London Blue, refers to the deepest, richest shade in the blue topaz series. Their are some home shopping networks that offer a blue topaz called "Barehipani Topaz", which supposedly embodies the finest quality of this highly popular member of the topaz family. Major sources of Topaz come from Brazil, Burma, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Russia and Sri Lanka. Blue Topaz makes a beautiful gift for your 4 year wedding anniversary stone. Garnets are a group of related mineral species with essentially the same crystal structure but varying in chemical composition. Garnets rarely occur in nature as pure end members. Instead, a natural garnet's composition typically falls somewhere in between the pure ideals of other garnet members. The beautiful Vermelho Garnet features a rich combination of both the Pyrope Garnet species as well as the Almandine Garnet species.The Pyrope portion gives the stone its regal red color, while the Almandine portion brings in warm spicy shades of cinnamon. This spicy gemstone originates from a region known as Zambezia and is called Vermelho Garnet, meaning "red" in Portuguese, one of the official languages of this exotic country. In 1912, garnets were made the official birthstone for January by the American National Association of Jewelers. They were also the gemstone for the Aquarius sign and wedding anniversary stone's for your 2nd and 6th year of marriage. Most garnet's are moderately hard with a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 according to Moh's Scale and have a refractive index of 1.72-1.94. Major sources: India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Garnet's appear in many different color's, when you say garnets, most people automatically think of small, dark red gemstones. In fact, garnets offer enough variety for every taste and can consequently keep up with the fast pace of changes. The August Birthstone, Peridot, is the gem variety of olivine and exhibits colors ranging from golden lime greens to rich grass greens. Traditionally, the most coveted color hues have been the rich grass greens. However, many peridot with slight yellowish hues, such as Manchurian Peridot, still exhibit attractive colors that are extremely popular. This once again demonstrates that your individual preference should always be the primary factor when collecting colored gemstones. Because of the way peridot splits and bends light, it has an attractive, velvety, silky appearance with a shining rich glow. Peridot has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 with a refractive index of 1.65-1.70 with colors found in green to yellowish green. Peridot is part of the Olivine family. Keeping your gemstone jewelry clean and shiny: Ultra Sonic Cleaners are not recommended for your fine gemstone jewelry as they have a potential of scratching your stone's. All that is needed, is soak in a bowl of lukewarm soapy water for about 10-20 minutes (depends on how dirty), rinse and wipe with a lint-free soft cloth. Between cleanings, it is best to have your gemstone jewelry checked by your local jeweler at least once every six months. This is a god way for your jeweler to check for loose prongs, gemstone's and have a thorough cleaning done one your fine jewelry. I know you will love these multi colored gemstone earrings as much as I have in creating them just for you or that special person in your life. Thank you for stopping by and browsing MaggieMays. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss it.