Azotic Mystic Blue Topaz Jewelry Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver

Image Description
Azotic Mystic Blue Topaz Jewelry Pendant Necklace serene mystic blue topaz gem stone silver scroll pendant sparkles a large 4.20 carat Azotic mystic blue topaz jewelry necklace as prevalent blue gemstone colors display explicit hues and tones. Azotic mystic blue topaz pendant necklace designed with large 4.20ct breathtaking 12x10mm oval blue mystic topaz gem stone pendant in sparkling .925 sterling silver inset in a scroll vine bezel setting brings out mystical color's that Azotic blue mystic topaz has been known for in the gemstone world. Pendant measures 13/16"Lx7/16"W with 3mm bail; totaling 2.2 grams. Included is a 18" long .925 sterling silver box chain necklace with spring ring clasp; 5.0 total grams including gemstone and pendant. Country Origin: Nigeria. Azotic mystic blue topaz gemstone pendant necklace scintillating celestial, earthly and oceanic mystic blue color with subtle flashes of purple, blue, aqua and light green hues adds to the elegance of a quality gem; as sparkling silver scroll pendant shines bringing out beautiful blue tones. Azotic® Designer Gemstone enhancements are processed and subject to rigorous quality control. The Azotic® treatment of Surface Enhanced Designer Gemstones provide a permanent and durable treatment*, providing an infinite prismatic array of colors. All Azotic® enhancements are created utilizing a green process that DOES NOT use radiation or harsh chemicals. The deposition coating is on the pavilion, therefore the table and crown (face) of the stone is natural topaz and extremely resistant to scratching, which will last as long as any natural gemstone. Azotic blue mystic topaz produces varying optical color's depending on the thickness and process used. The mystic effect obtained in Azotic blue topaz is achieved by using a clear natural quartz gemstone with a durable and permanent mystic coating which is applied to the backside of a blue topaz stone. You can find more information on mystic topaz gemstone's at in interested in learning more about Azotic Blue Mystic Topaz Gemstones. Thank you for browsing MaggieMays!