Silver Pewter Bead Bib Waterfall Drape Multi Strand Jewelry Necklace

Image Description
Multi strand pewter bead bib waterfall jewelry necklace layer upon layers of shimmering silver pewter beads sparkle in a pewter bib waterfall drape 62 multi strand necklace speaks pewter jewelry elegance. Pewter bib waterfall multi strand bead jewelry necklace with layers of silver pewter beads in a dramatic handmade 62 multi strand silver pewter necklace drapes nicely with over 6,000 sparkling 2mm pewter beads that have a sparkling silver effect. Beads twinkle on 62 strands of black nylon bead thread bringing out the overall elegance of this shimmering necklace as a waterfall of silver drapes nicely creating a bib style creation of pewter bead strands. Black nylon thread designed for durability and will not fray or snag your wardrobe attire. Each strand hand strung with approximately 82 pewter beads that has a 4" drop from top to bottom strand; longest strand equals 24" long. Necklace measures 18" long adjustable to 21" using 3" extender chain which ends with a sterling silver oval bead; finishes with a silver plated lobster claw clasp. Silver pewter bib waterfall drape jewelry necklace with such pewter bead elegance; I chose to use pewter do to their anti-tarnishing effect and the way they give off a silver shimmering sheen that twinkles with each movement. Remember, metal beads bring visual impact to handmade jewelry designs. With the most complete beads means you'll find the perfect metal bead to match your inspiration. As the price of sterling silver on the rise and wanting to design a quality handmade jewelry piece; the anti-tarnish feature of pewter makes it an ideal metal for jewelry because it takes little maintenance to keep pewter remaining beautiful. Pewter beads give the effect of a high quality silver bead jewelry design that isn't going to break you! Pewter is becoming the new sterling silver with its silver shine and non-tarnishing effect. I was still able to purchase beads with the same quality as silver but at a much lower price; this in know means that the quality of this handcrafted bead necklace has depleted in any way. Imagine buying over 6,000 sterling silver beads, it would've cost a fortune and I would than have had to charge my customer's a pretty penny. I know in my heart that this is a high quality piece of jewelry that I can offer at a much lower price and still keep the customer happy! Nowadays you can find quality pewter beads that have a high silver polish or nice antique finish. Some are concerned they have heard that one of the alloys in pewter is lead; most pewter beads made in the Untied States are lead-free and high standard bead products. Pewter is a metal alloy, traditionally between 85 and 99 percent tin, with the remainder consisting of copper and antimony acting as hardeners. Your lower grades may contain as much as 60% lead, giving them a bluish tint; you will not find this in MaggieMays multi strand pewter bead necklace. Cleaning Pewter Jewelry: 1. Using ultrasonic cleaners is not recommended 2. Use a dampen most cloth with a small drop of liquid soap. Make sure your cloth is just moist and not dripping with water. I've found out the best soap to use is Palmolive dish soap do to the fact it doesn't have all those nasty harsh chemicals. This can also be used on your fine gemstone jewelry as well. 3. Rub the moistened cloth carefully over your pewter jewelry but be sure to handle the pewter jewelry with extreme care. Pewter is a soft metal that could easily bend or break if you exert too much pressure on it. 4. Rinse your cloth until all soap residue is completely gone. 5. Take your rinsed cloth and wipe over the pewter again to rid any soap residue. 6. Dry with a clean and dry soft cloth. By following these simple cleaning instructions, your pewter jewelry should remain its shine, keep its quality and most of all the beauty of pewter. There are many techniques that can be used but I have found out this is the easiest method which still maintains pewter's beauty. Caring for pewter jewelry with gentle cleansing techniques will maintain its quality and beautiful shine! General Care of Pewter Jewelry ~Keep pewter jewelry away from extreme sources of heat as pewter will melt easily. Remember, pewter is mostly made of tin. ~Remove jewelry and do not wear it while engaging in activities that may damage the pewter. Some examples include harmful activities such as, sporting activities, housework, washing dishes, bathing or showering, working in the garden and any type of construction work. ~Store pewter jewelry carefully by wrapping in tissue paper or a soft cloth; place in a safe place or in your jewelry box where it will not be bumped or scratched. ~By following these simple steps, your pewter jewelry will remain its nice sheen and sparkle with proper care. If you haven't worn your pewter jewelry for a long period of time (meaning kept in storage), you may notice some dark spots on your jewelry, this could be from old age or has developed some rust. Another scenario, if you don't wear your pearl jewelry at least once a month, you should take it out and rub the pearls in your hands. By doing so, the pearls pick up the oils in your body through your hands and you will see that shiny lustrous sheen reappear on your pearl jewelry. Here's a few simple steps to remove dark spots from pewter jewelry: **In a bowl, mix a tablespoon of salt, 1/2 cup of flour and a cup of vinegar. You will get a thin paste. **Dip a clean rag into the solution, use gentle pressure and circular motions to remove the stains from the pewter. The salt will scrub off the dark spots or rust but will not scratch the pewter. The vinegar helps loosen whatever is on your pewter. **Rinse off the pewter under running warm water. Use clean rag to wipe the cleaning solution away as you rinse. Need to make sure all traces of paste are gone from the pewter. **Buff the pewter dry by using a clean dry cloth to dry the pewter. The pewter benefits from buffing, so use firm pressure in a circular motion, this brings back the shine of your pewter. By using this tactic of stain removal leaves a protective coating intact on the pewter, which helps prevent the recurrence of stains. You truly can not appreciate the beauty and elegance of this 62 strand pewter bead necklace until you see it in person. It will bring a sparkling smile that will last a lifetime with proper care. Thank you for browsing MaggieMays!