Color Changing Zandrite Pink to Green Gemstone Jewelry Stud Earrings

Image Description
Zandrite pink to green stud earrings 100% color change manmade stone radiate pink raspberry in natural light to emerald green under fluorescent light as fluctuating Zandrite stud earrings shine in sterling silver; mystic topaz iridescence similarity that is awesome. Zandrite pink to green color changing stud earrings designed with 4.0ctw 8mm brilliant cut solitaire 100% color changing raspberry pink to emerald green gemstone's impeccable change as you move indoors to outside is absolutely outstanding when it comes to a color changing Zandrite stone. Intricately mounted in shiny .925 sterling silver 6 prong secured stud earring setting with 1/4" drop. Rhodium finish helps sterling silver from anti tarnishing. Total weight approximately 4 carat's (just under 4.199ct), 1.7 grams with gemstone's. A pair of unisex zandrite stud earrings that will spruce up your wardrobe today. Zandrite, a manmade color changing gemstone is in no way opaque but a translucent gem which reflects light and has a very unique similarity to mystic topaz iridescence. This amazing stone shows rich tones of different purples, aqua, blues, greens, some reds and pink; depending on light source. Rotate the gemstone to get the color from all facets and to look for 'flash' (blazes of color that show in the body of the stone). Color changing stones are quite unique and special in the gemstone world. Whether natural like alexandrite, or synthetic like zandrite, each have the ability to glisten, sparkle, or shimmer their way into someone's heart. Zandrite is specially formulated by combining rare earth elements to create a stunning color change property. Similar to alexandrite but less expensive, zandrite earrings allow you to look fantastic for less. The color change is remarkable! Zandrite is available in two colors: pink and purple. Pink zandrite in incandescent lighting will turn green in fluorescent lighting conditions. Purple zandrite in incandescent lighting will change to a bluish color under fluorescent lighting conditions. The change of color is caused by the presence of the mineral neodymium, which has strong magnetic properties. A glass manufacturer was developing synthetic glass and one of the scientists involved in the project realized that this glass could be marketed as a gemstone. This material is single refractive just like normal glass and has a refractive index of 1.532. This is well within the range of normal glass readings. zandrite is still an interesting gem material. As is the case for most other gemstones, the best cleaning method is warm water, mild soap, and a toothbrush; rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Thank you for browsing MaggieMays!