Jadeite Clam Shell Jade Pendant Necklace with Fresh Water Pearls Gold

Image Description
Natural jade pendant necklace cradles gray, lavender and white fresh water pearls in unique design green clam shell jadeite pendant necklace accented by 14K gold. Jade, beautifully presented for your 12 year wedding anniversary. Clam shell jade pendant necklace in a mottle green exhibits three 5mm pearls with beautiful nacre, luster and sheen in gray, lavender and white fresh water pearls. Jade pendant measures 1 1/2" long x 1 3/16" wide, with a 1/2" long 14K yellow gold bale. Includes fine cut 14K yellow gold 18"L pendant chain with 2mm spring ring clasp. Total grams equal 14.2 including pendant, pearls and chain. Jade necklace gives a unique fashionable touch for your holiday attire or any type of occasion. Unique jadeite clam shell natural jade pendant necklace highlighted by shimmering and lustrous fresh water pearls accented by 14K yellow gold really brings out the beauty of genuine Jade in a OOAK necklace that you will find only at MaggieMays. A necklace that will have compliment's flying your way! Unique jadeite clam shell Fresh water pearl jade necklace for bridal jewelry, birthdays or stunning wedding anniversary gifts. Most of your jadeite jade is commonly treated with a colorless wax, paraffin, or oil to improve appearance; whereas, nephrite jade is dyed meaning infused with a coloring agent to create color, change color, enrich color, or produce the appearance of more even color distribution. For collectors as well as jewelery lovers, jade is a fascinating gemstone. Green jade alone, the connoisseurs differentiate between seven main qualities, from the intense, even green of imperial jade, via apple green and spinach green, all the way to the lighter and to more heavily speckled shades of green. These special nuances often overlap and can hardly be recognized by the untrained eye. In the USA and Europe, emerald green, spinach green and apple green are regarded as particularly valuable. This explicit clam shell design is created with natural jadeite jade that ranges in a deep apple green color that is outstanding. Any jewelry connoisseur would love to have this for their collection but you will have the pleasure of owning such a fine piece of quality jade jewelry. Jade is a genuine gemstone that is categorized into two different types called Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite, the more expensive and more desirably variety which comes in shades that vary from a light to beautiful emerald green color. Emerald Green being the most desirable color and sometimes referred to as "Imperial Jade." The mottled pieces of irregular green Jadeite is often seen as carved, and is still more rare than nephrite jade. Nephrite, the old and true Chinese jade, resembles jadeite but is a slightly softer gemstone. Nephrite Jade is usually found in a more sober green color than the apple green or emerald green color of jadeite. Nephrite is closer to a dark sage green or spinach green color. It is more common than jadeite and is therefore much less expensive; but is a lovely, popular stone used extensively in jewelry design's and carvings. Both Jadeite and Nephrite require special care: avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, chemicals and exposure to strong light. All that is needed to clean your jade jewelry is using warm soapy water with a soft tooth brush, if necessary. Thank you for browsing MaggieMays.
Approximate Price/Value: $225.45