Chrome Diopside Jewelry Pendant Necklace, Emerald Green Diopside Stone

Image Description
Russian chrome diopside jewelry breathtaking emerald green chrome diopside gem stone set in fine .925 sterling silver displays a lustrous Russia chrome diopside pendant necklace; a elegant piece of fine jewelry. Now this is what Russia chrome diopside jewelry should look like! A alternative May birthstone. Russia chrome diopside jewelry pendant necklace displays a 7x5mm oval 1ct gem in a saturated green emerald color, not to light nor to dark. This rare chrome diopside gemstone intricately mounted in .925 sterling silver 6 prong secured open back pendant casting. Genuine Russian AAA quality eye clean gemstone reflects light, beautiful clarity; very noticeable fine jewelry chrome diopside necklace. Italian 18" long sterling silver box chain with spring ring clasp provides the finishing touch. Place of Origin: Siberia, Russia. Chrome diopside jewelry pendant necklace Russian gemstone showed no cracks, scratches, blemishes or visible inclusions using a 30X loupe, eye clean high quality chrome diopside gem stone. Refractive qualities of chrome diopside jewelry adds a special touch of glamor when socializing, accents working attire and beautifies the wearer for that special night out. Russian Chrome diopside a deep, pure genuine green gemstone that is nothing less than luxurious. Chrome Diopside gemstone is mostly found in very small sizes. Large size gems are very rare and are usually reserved for collectors. Chromium is the mineral that gives the chrome diopside its green color. Emeralds have long been a green gemstone of choice. However, with up to two times more refraction, chrome diopside is a sparkly green that is winning many hearts over to its side. It is not as expensive as an emerald would be, but due to its increasing popularity, prices are rising a bit. Facet grade material is rarely found. Mined material is often heavily included and opaque. Due to difficulty in the way it must be cut, 90% of the gem is usually lost during cutting. A 10 carat piece of rough will result in a 1 carat stone. In addition to being known as Russian emerald, chrome diopside has also been referred to as chromium diopside, Russian diopside, and Siberian emerald. Safest way to protect chrome diopside gemstone's is for them to be mounted in pendants, earrings, or a necklace. This is not a hard stone and could easily become scratched. If worn in a ring or bracelet, chrome diopside needs to be in a protective setting. Avoid extreme physical activities when wearing this gemstone. When cleaning your fine jewelry, use warm water, mild soap, a soft toothbrush if needed, rinse and air dry or use a soft cloth. Ultrasonic cleaner is not recommended for gemstone jewelry as it has the potential of gemstone color loss and could possibly scratch the stone. Always store your fine jewelry in a manner where it can't be scratched by other pieces of jewelry. Thank you for browsing MaggieMays!