Brass Round Geometric Spiral on Black Leather Cord Necklace

Image Description
The large brass handformed circular geometric spiral at the center front of this black leather cord necklace doubles as clasp and ornament. This necklace clasps in the front, using the decorative hook style clasp as the main focal point of the piece. The ends of the leather cord are are wire wrapped coils of matching brass wire. The metal is red brass, which is a rich, warm gold color. This simple, whimsical necklace is a great casual wear-anywhere piece. Perfect for everyday or weekend fun, it makes a statement without overpowering.

Overall finished length is 18" as shown, length can be adjusted on request at no extra charge. The clasp measures approximately 3/4" wide including the hook by 1/2" high. Size and shape of the spiral clasp may very slightly from the one pictured, as they are all hand formed.

A note about red brass: This metal has a very misleading name. It is not red, but a rich, warm golden color that is very close to gold. It is also not technically brass, but an alloy of mostly copper mixed with zinc and tin. It is highly resistant to corrosion and very durable. It is also referred to as jeweler's bronze.
Approximate Price/Value: $26