Christmas Party Cheese Board /Cutter Cat and Mouse

Image Description
For Christmas Party, too much fun! This cat and mouse never catch up to each other. The Cat is waiting (in bronze) and the mouse and cheese cutter slicer are prepared to run! The little mice as feet for the tray are never caught!

This will bring laughter and joy to the folks @ your party for the cheese is ready to be cut by the mouse, & the cat cant wait for the chase!

I have included the information I had when I bought the piece. The artist, Michael Aram is so dedicated to quality, use of metals, earth (marble), creativity and originality and fantastic presentation.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have over the years.

Board: 11 3/4 long x 6 wide x 3/4 high
Mouse Slicer Stainless Steel: 9 3/4 long

Weight @ 4 lbs 3 oz ready to mail.

Thank you
Approximate Price/Value: $65