Hans Richter Dimensional Artist 1957 Plaster Wall Plaques

Image Description
Rare, musical jazz men, 1957 Modern Era Richter Dimensional Art in plaster. Musical jazz men on piano, horn, trumpet and base. These are plaster slabs with imprint in each slab. Signature on each piece on bottom. PRICE IS FOR THE SET OF 4

If you have information regarding these pieces I would appreciate it. I have done extensive research but have been unable to find any information.

The pieces are 2 lbs, 4 oz each 8 1/4"wide x 11 3/4" tall

The piano man is broken in half. I have not touched the piece at all, since I am not sure how to restore this break. I HAVE NOT TOUCHED PIECES TO CLEAN OR RESTORE. THEY HAVE ONLY BEEN PACKED AWAY.

I have been contacted by other Richter owners & there are 8 plaques in the set. So these are now marked in 1/2 price.

If you want to make an offer, please let me know your reasonable offer.
Approximate Price/Value: $200