Giuseppe Armani Collection Chu Chu San Figurine

Image Description
Chu Chu San style 612S is part of the Pearls of the Orient series produced by Giuseppe Armani Collection. This beautiful piece was introduced in 1990 and retired in 1995.C The piece is stamped 1989 for production.

Chu Chu San's flowing Kimono and soft pastel colors on front make this mysterious oriential beauty approx. 19 1/2" tall & 11" wide. Last retail price was $350. I am selling this piece @ $95.00 MOTHERS DAY SALE.

There is a small 1/2 tip missing on one of the sunshade tips - only noticeable if looking very closely. Shown in the last head shot, as packing, I noticed an grey spot in the jet black hair. I believe this rubbed in the packing box. This will be something you may wish to color in if needed. Since I did not inherit the papers or box, info was obtained through the Giuseppe Armani folks that helped identify the piece.
Approximate Price/Value: $95