Blossom/Pumpkin Pouch Pattern, PDF Download, by the NCTeddyBearLady

Image Description
This pattern makes one pouch about the size of a large apple, just big enough to hold a lipstick, credit card, lace edged hankie and keys. It is also a charming place to store jewelry in plain site. The pouch has a drawstring closure. The drawstring is "I" chord with bead crocheted leaf ends. This pattern, like all my work, is my own design. It is knit using approximately 9,000, size 8/0, Czech glass seed bead mix of pinks and mauves. The pouch itself is knit with three balls of #8, Finca perle cotton on a 000, cable needle. To see more of my work, please visit my web site, This pattern will produce one drawstring pouch from three balls of #8, perle cotton but could be made, stitch for stitch, from a variety of other materials in different sizes. If you use thicker thread, you get a bigger pouch. If you use finer thread, you get a smaller pouch. I remind you of this fact so that once you have completed your first pouch, you will be able to experiment with the next one, and there probably will be a next one. These little things are like potato chips, you simply cannot be content with only one. Please note that I have several other patterns available at the moment. To see them all, please visit my web site, The inspiration for this pattern was Halloween and an odd colored bead mix. I work at A Better Bead and Crafts, the best bead shop in the world. The owner, Alethea, ordered some beads from an on-line picture. The picture showed a soft peach mix. The reality was an almost neon orange. When Alethea saw the color and realized she wasn't likely to sell a lot of the mix, she asked be to make something from the beads that would pique the interest of customers. At the same time, I was participating in a Halloween design challenge with one of the guilds to which I belonged. Between the two, I decided a pumpkin shaped pouch was perfect. It was a good choice. I won the design challenge and we sold out on the beads and the pattern at the shop. The second chapter of this story started the following spring when I re-worked the design to make it into a flower blossom for Mothers' Day. This pattern is in a down-loadable in PDF format. A printer version is available upon request for $20. This listing is for the pattern only. No supplies are included with it. Supplies needed for the Bead Knitted Blossom/Pumpkin Pouch: Approximately 9000, size 8/0 or (three new hanks or nine to twelve antique or vintage hanks), three balls #8, perle cotton; one pair of circular, size 000, knitting needles, a #12, US size crochet hook. A word of caution about the use of this pattern. You have my permission to make all the pouches with teddy bear toppers you wish from this pattern for yourself or to give away. You do not, however, have permission to make commercial use of it. Specifically, that means you may not make and sell pouches or teddy toppers made from this pattern, sell the pattern, copy, reproduce or use any part of it to make money or to share with others to save the cost of purchasing their own. I reserve that right solely for myself. You do have my permission to let this pattern be a means for finding your own artistic voice. Vary the design of the pouch or the teddy topper so that they are no longer recognizable as my work and I wish you G-d's speed. Change a stitch here and there for the sake of calling it your own and, as I learned to say in Turkey, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your nether regions! . . .And. . .keep a watchful eye over your shoulder for my lawyer. As they say in department store dressing rooms, violators will be prosecuted. In addition to personal checks and US Postal Money orders, I accept PayPal. Shipments paid for by check are held until the check clears. I do not pad my shipping charges but do pass actual costs on to the buyer. ArtFire requires that I pick a number for shipping so I picked the least expensive, slow-boat-to-China rate offered by the United States Postal Service. Secondary shipping charges depend on what else you are purchasing. If you are purchasing more than one item at a time from my studio, please e-mail for shipping charges. If you wish to choose a shipping method other than the USPS to a US address, the cost is more. That said, U.S. or Canadian purchasers may choose the U.S. Postal System, UPS or Fed Ex. but please request a shipping quote before making a purchase. International purchasers may only use U.S. Global Priority Mail. Costs for Global Priority shipments vary by destination and package weight. Please contact me for a shipping quote before making a purchase. I combine shipping costs automatically. Insurance is optional but I accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of uninsured shipments.
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